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Breaking News: Bird Free under threat Sunday 4th September 2016

With a proven track record world-wide, Bird Free Fire Gel was introduced into the UK in 2011, where it has also proven itself to be an instant and cost effective solution to problem birds, without being harmful to them, pets or people.


Although a relatively recent addition to the bird control product range in the UK, Bird Free has been widely used in other countries for many years and is currently solving problem bird issues in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA, among other locations.

As a safe product (there are no hazardous chemicals used in the formulation of Bird Free), the UK HSE (Health & Safety Executive) granted it a "derogation" to allow it to be sold in the UK without the need for testing against biocidal criteria. Recent European legislative changes however, are about to temporarily stop sales of Bird Free into European countries.

The extended scope of the EU Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), means that testing will now be required for even safe products such as Bird Free, which regrettably means that there will be a temporary interruption to sales of this great product within the UK and Europe (note: this EU legislation will not affect sales to our customers in other countries).

In anticipation of these changes, BPR-focussed Testing & Evaluation work on Bird Free was started over 12 months ago. The variety and sequence of tests however, combined with post-test evaluation at each stage of the process and final ratification by all EU Member States, is likely to take many more months.

We are very concerned therefore that we may be unable to supply the product again to our UK / EU customers until after the 2017 main bird breeding season (February to May).

...but here is a possible solution for you;

As a result of this change in legislation, Insight Security are able to offer Bird Free for sale within the UK / EU until the 30th October 2016, and users will have until 30th April 2017 to install stock in hand,

...so please consider your needs for the 2017 bird breeding season now, and order your stock before the imminent 30th October 2016 cut-off.

We will of course be offering this great product for sale again with its new certifications at the earliest opportunity, however, in the meanwhile we can only apologise for this temporary interruption to the supply of Bird Free and the inconvenience we know this will cause.

Following conversations with existing customers, we know there is keen demand to continue rolling out this product for installation in locations with problem birds, and given the fact that the product is "So Effective" and offers virtually "Instant Results", we know that there will be a long queue for the product the day it is relaunched!

If you would like us to let you know when the product is relaunched following new EU certifications,

   ...please email us at; sales@insight-security.com

   ...with: "Please advise us when Bird Free is re-launched" in the subject line.


In the meanwhile, please don`t hesitate to contact us if you need any further help or advice.

Best Regards


Insight Security Customer Care Team

Tel: 01273 475500


This message was added on Sunday 4th September 2016

Best Range of Security Screws & Best Prices On-line Wednesday 6th January 2016

When you need security screws or fixings, you'll probably ...need them quickly, ...need to find a supplier that stocks the type and size you need and will supply them at a competitive price!  - here's the perfect solution...


Insight Security offer a comprehensive range of security screws, security nuts, caps and enclosures (along with the matching driver tools and installer aids), in all sizes and at great prices

...and the really great news is that the full range is now available to buy on-line at;


With around 2,000 stock items to choose from, you're certain to find what you need at the on-line shop, and if you order by 3pm, delivery will normally be next working day.

Which type of material do you need for your application?

Because security fixings are used in a variety of locations and environments, you'll need to consider what type of material and finish would be best for your application.

For general purpose indoor applications for instance, a mild steel product with a BZP (Bright Zinc Plate) finish will normally be suitable, whilst for outdoor applications a stainless steel fixing or a fixing with a galvanised or other weather protective finish will be more appropriate.

Most of our screws and other security fastenings are available from stock in A2 Stainless Steel, with some types even stocked in A4 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade).

Bespoke Manufacturing Service;

Of course there is always a chance that you may need a special non-stock size or an item manufactured from a non-stock material for your application, which is why we are pleased to offer a bespoke manufacturing service.

M30 Security Nuts, special format and size Shear Nuts and Bolts, and Customer Unique Security Fastenings (with registered matching security driver tools), are just some of the bespoke solutions our customers have commissioned, so if you need a "Special",

– call the Insight Security Team on: 01273 475500 to discuss your requirements.

What are Security Screws and Fixings used for?

The basic function of security screws and fixings is to provide a secure fixing that cannot easily be tampered with. They help to tackle opportunist theft and vandalism and have many useful preventative applications. Some tamper resistant fixings enable authorised access by using a special tool whilst others are intended as single use permanent fixings.

Who Uses Security Screws and Fasteners?

Applications include: prisons, hospitals, schools, hotels, councils, windows, computers, security fencing, public transport, signage, burglar alarms, stadium seating, security gates, security lights, shutter doors, street furniture, control boxes, museums, public amenities, playground equipment, vending and gaming machines, door ironmongery, electronic trunking, marine and port authorities and telecommunications control equipment.

Where can I buy Security Screws and Fasteners On-line?

Whatever your need Insight Security will be delighted to help. Our competitively priced range of security screws, fasteners and driver tools, is the most comprehensive available on-line and our practical, expert advice could save you money if you are not quite sure which option would be best for your application.


For more information,

Visit the new security screws section of the Insight Security website;


or call the friendly experts for Free Advice – t: 01273 475500

.Insight Security Screws Range on-line

This message was added on Wednesday 6th January 2016

Bird Free - rids Bristol Temple Meads Station of problem birds Wednesday 6th August 2014

With conventional bird deterrents proving less than totally effective, it was decided that the unique and versatile, Bird Free Fire Gel, instantly effective bird deterrent, would be used to solve the problem at Temple Meads

Bristol Temple Meads railway station is the oldest and largest railway station in Bristol. It is an important transport hub for public transport, with bus services to many parts of the city and surrounding area.

Bird free Fire Gel at Temple Meads Station - Bristol

As with many rail stations however, the overhead roof support girders offer an attractive roosting and perching area for pigeons, which in turn results in bird droppings to the track and platform areas below.

With conventional bird deterrents proving less than totally effective, the management decided to bite the bullet and solve the problem with the unique Bird Free Fire Gel (sometimes referred to as Bird Free Optical Gel), the state of the art, instantly effective bird deterrent, which get rid of problem birds without harming them or the environment.

5,000 dishes of the special Bird Free gel were installed at the station during July 2014, delivering instant results.

For more information visit: birdfree fire gel   or call us on; 01273 475500

This message was added on Wednesday 6th August 2014

Which is the best pigeon deterrent? Friday 2nd May 2014

Pigeons can have a devastating effect on buildings and present a real health risk, so control is essential.

Love them or hate them, birds are here to stay ...and generally that's a good thing as they help with the natural order of things, not least of which being keeping the insect population under control!


problem pigeons - why a pigeon deterrent is an essential aidThere is no doubt however that when pigeons congregate en-masse in unwanted areas, they can present a real problem with serious consequences, so some form of control is essential.

Everyone is familiar with the unsightly mess they make, but did you know that they also cause significant damage to buildings and building materials, plant & equipment, and also present a real health risk as their droppings and nest materials can carry up to 60 different diseases and ectoparasites that can be passed to humans and animals.

There are many types of bird control products on the market, but as with any product range, some products are more effective than others.


Which is the best type of pigeon deterrent, is a question which we are frequently asked, so we have put together a special page on our website which we hope you'll find helpful;

As always however, the friendly team at Insight Security will be happy to discuss your needs if you still have questions; tel 01273 475500 (office hours Mon-Fri)

This message was added on Friday 2nd May 2014

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